Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wigan 3-2 Arsenal: what a way to crown another season of mediocrity

Your project has failed, Mr. Wenger.

It was essentially a meaningless game, but surely this is the lowest point of the Wenger reign?

An ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH Wigan side come back with three goals in ten minutes to win?
After Arsenal lead 2-0?

That, my friends, is a disgrace.

I don't care about the players who were missing. A great club is supposed to function as a whole. It is not supposed to crumble in the absence of five good players.

Where is the attitude? The professionalism?

More to the point, where should it come from?
If this team STILL lacks maturity, where does the blame lie?

I hope to God that the recent talk from Wenger that suggests a change in transfer policy is not yet more empty rhetoric.

I said a few weeks ago that however this ended, it was going to look noble and heroic. Well, you can scratch that. What a disgrace this team's attitude is.

What the Fuck gives them the right to be so lazy and arrogant?
They've achieved the sum total of nothing.
Time for a change.

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