Friday, April 2, 2010

Wenger's Dilemma

Arsene Wenger always professes his belief in the team. He believes that his project can come to fruition with these players.

Despite having just produced their best run of results this season, Arsenal started the game against Barcelona looking like they lacked belief. This most likely derives from the fact that they have not performed well against, or beaten, a very good team in quite a while.

Without the big results, where will the belief come from?
Without the belief, where will the big results come from?
Without the big results, where will the trophies come from?

It's all very well saying that one big performance will transform this team from a good one into a great one, into one with genuine character, but the character has to come first, doesn't it?

You cannot assume that a result will come along to transform the team's attitude- the attitude has to change first, that's when the results will come.

If this set of players is to become great, they have a whole lot of bad experience piling up, that has to be dispelled in the next season or two. And what happens if Fabregas leaves them? If WENGER leaves them?

The positive position that is adopted on Arsenal always refers to some golden future, but as they say, nothing is set in stone. Arsene Wenger is getting older, and Fabregas's feet might well be itchy...

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