Saturday, April 24, 2010


Theo Walcott is irredeemably shite any team that features him may as well be playing with ten men but then again perhaps it's harsh to be singling him out today of all days as frankly he was surrounded by mediocrity in red and indeed blue I think it's time to throw my hat reluctantly into the Spurs ring as regards 4th place because Christ Manchester City are dull they must be the dullest team of dullards to ever threaten the top four well since Houllier's Liverpool at least by god it's only taken Mancini a matter of months to turn them into an Italian team but without all the exaggerated hand gestures which would at least provide a modicum of entertainment but let's be honest here Arsenal are not as entertaining as everybody makes out so fucking predictable especially when playing at that patented funereal tempo I thought that shit left with Gilberto Silva but no his spirit lives on with two dilly dallying clowns taking his place and don't talk to me about the crossing ability of those two full backs of ours it feels like we haven't scored from a cross since that perma smiling cunt Adebayor left and by the way what the hell does he find so funny all the time what a mongolloid he is it's funny I remarked to my brother during the game that I'd never seen a handicapped black person and then one came onto the pitch gimping around in a Man City jersey. Seriously though why am I dwelling on this awful game I should be getting that thesis finished and figuring out what to do with my life but I just can't stop resenting another 90 minutes wasted I've had more intriguing visits to the dentist you know when there's a good wildlife show on the TV in the waiting room this blog is threatening to become little more than an extended rant against Arsene's Arsenal and that is a pity maybe it is because of my love of GoodFellas but I much prefer the piano exit part of Eric Clapton's Layla to the widdly guitar stuff and now I am feeling quite hungry so I think I might

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