Friday, January 15, 2010


QUESTION- what is with Arsenal fans' inexplicable affection for Philippe Senderos???

It's not just that Arseblog guy, I read it all over the internet. People practically weeping over the guy's impending departure. HE'S USELESS!!!

Swiss Tony? Witty nickname and all, but what a fucking insult to the great Adams! How about Swiss Pascal, or Swiss Fucking Igors!? Something more accurate.

Arsenal fans seem, generally, a pretty impatient, intolerant bunch. We've heard the boos, we've seen the half-empty stadium after 60 minutes. So, you'd think it would be cause for celebration when a fairly large group of Gooners show such unyielding faith in a much-maligned player... but why him? Fair enough, he probably doesn't have the all-around unpleasantness of, say, Eboue or the seemingly inherent laziness of Diaby; Senderos' problem, it appears, is just simple rubbishness.

I guess it comes down to this- easier to root for a useless lump who tries than a sometimes useful prick who dives? Maybe so, but I can't help thinking back to that night at Anfield, that Liverpool corner coming in, that lummox literally WATcHING Sami Hyypia, who he was SUPPOSED TO BE MARKING, head the ball goalwards... The nightmares still plague me.

And it's not like that was an isolated incident. Lack of pace can be forgiven- you could say that defending a high line can make a good but slow defender look poor- but slow AND stupid is a lethal combination.

As many a forward has said in the past, see ya later Philly!!!

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