Sunday, January 17, 2010

Every Game is Massive

from here on in, with chelsea having handed out a 7-2 spanking to Sunderland which should renew their confidence. While I think everyone should be pleasantly surprised that Arsenal are still in the title mix, you've got to wonder if now is the time that chelsea and United may begin to pull away. It's pessimistic I know, but I just think Wenger's taking the piss a bit not being more proactive in response to the striker situation. We've kept picking up points almost in spite of a malfunctioning formation. Arshavin's no centre-forward, that much is clear to everyone and certainly to the manager. And yet when asked about centre-forwards, he'll cite Eduardo, Vela and Walcott as if they're real options. He plays Arshavin there ahead of all of them. To call them options is to TAKE THE PISS. To continue to play Arshavin there til Fucking Bendtner comes back is to TAKE THE PISS. It's disrespectful to the fans. I know he's probably on the lookout for a BARGAIN but that's just so unambitious, in trophy terms. If he wanted a trophy as much as the fans do, wouldn't he have the business done early to give us the best possible chance?

I worry about these two games against Bolton because we all know what a new manager can do for a team's performances. And Bolton is hardly a place you want to be going without a combative midfield player or a recognised centre forward who can at least try to hold the ball up. To entrust a Russian midget with the task is to TAKE THE PISS. In fairness, it's not like these kind of problems are the result of unforseen circumstances. You can look back on my posts from months ago and I was moaning about the same things. While the club is undeniably well-managed on the financial side, sometimes the playing side looks the opposite. That's a real pity.

I know that Wenger is "the motherfucking fucking one who calls the shots", in the words of Tony Soprano. But is that becoming a bit of a problem? Is he drunk on power, too in love with his own idealistic crusade to keep a hold on reality? It might strike some as ungrateful for any Arsenal fan to speak so ill of a man who has brought the club almost unprecedented success. But if those people lack critical capacities, that's their problem. Look where Liverpool fans' fondness for their manager has led them. Just because the Rolling Stones wrote Wild Horses, Jumpin' Jack Flash and Paint it Black does not mean I have to praise the shite they release today. It's not 1998, it's not 2002, and it's not 2004. It's 2010 and it's high time this team delivered again.

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