Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Few Thoughts to Pass the Time of Day

*chelsea 7-2 Sunderland
certainly an eye-catching scoreline but does anyone else think chelsea are getting a disproportionate amount of praise? I didn't see the whole game but the Match of the Day highlights suggested that Sunderland came to the Bridge with no ambition beyond bending over and taking a right rogering. In all of those highlights, I didn't see one tackle. Only for the crowd, you'd have thought you were watching a training match. There's been plenty of talk since about the players Sunderland were missing. Fair enough but that's no excuse for a blatant lack of commitment. Steve Bruce talked rubbish afterwards, about how sometimes you've gotta hold your hands up- the opposition couldn't be touched. To me it looked like he had told his players that BEFORE the game, and they took it literally.

*Flamini to city?
Seems that the one that got away will be making his return to the Premiership, but not, as was my admittedly unrealistic hope, to Arsenal. Still, it does not seem that city's money is the driving force here, as the murmurs are of a loan deal, so I'm very disappointed we're not in the mix. Looking at city's options in midfield, they have De Jong, Barry, Vieira and Kompany who can all play a similar role to Flamini. Sad then that a team with only one recognised defensive midfielder in the squad show no interest. Peculiar also that the talk is of the Flamster filling in at full back for city, seeing as that's what got up his nose at both Meelan and Arsenal at times. If I were city manager, I'd drop all the aforementioned and play Flamini and Stephen Ireland as my midfield duo but this is not championship manager and in fairness to Mancini, although Flamini does seem a strange fit for them, at least he's putting a bit of thought into his transfers and not simply spunking the bottomless pit of cash at his disposal on Robinho mark II.

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