Friday, January 7, 2011

A Little Humility Goes A Long Way

Having questioned Andy Gray's supposed status as an authority on the game, I should probably point something out about myself...

Just some of my prophesies from recent times:

At the start of the World Cup, I presented 'THE TEAM THAT CAN WIN IT FOR ENGLAND' (the only team that could win it for England, as it turns out, is one made up completely of foreigners).

Later in the tournament, I stated that it was 'BRAZIL'S TO LOSE'. Lose it they promptly did, somehow beating themselves against a frankly rubbish Dutch side who were allowed to progress to the final and make a holy show of themselves. More a martial arts outfit than a footballing one.

At the start of this season, when Chelsea were steamrolling their way through some very handy fixtures, I pondered 'CAN ANYONE STOP THE CHELSEA JUGGERNAUT?'. A few months later, we have the answer. Sunderland, Birmingham, Liverpool, Wolves... even Arsenal!!!

So no, I'm not much of an authority myself. At least I don't sell a league for a living.

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