Friday, January 14, 2011

"Ipswich Beat Us By Playing Rugby"

I prefer the Cesc who has a go at Denilson, to the one who makes excuses for inexcusable results.

Ipswich are a struggling Championship side and are not going to take Arsenal on in an open way.

This pomposity, this air of superiority, has got to end. Arsenal try to play good football, ok, but it looks ineffective a lot of the time and if it's inadequate against lower division sides- as it has been in the last two games- then Arsenal need to look INWARD.

Fabregas's whinging probably derives from frustration with his own uncharacteristically sloppy performance, but it's embarrassing. Arsenal need to concentrate on saving face in the second leg.

There remains a complete lack of grand narrative about the season. Arsenal looked to have turned the corner against Chelsea, and provided themselves a blueprint for success. But they've failed miserably to kick on. With most of the squad fit, they seemed well placed to mount a charge for success, but so many of the players still don't look up to the task.

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