Saturday, November 6, 2010


is a word all too often used to describe this Arsenal team.

And Wenger's own comments after the Shakhtar game suggested that it remains a problem.

I find it hard to accept that. What have they got to be complacent about? None of them have achieved anything. I suppose you see great teams become complacent. But when do you see complacent teams become great?

You can imagine that, after achieving everything, a team or an individual may lose some of the hunger. But if you've not done anything of note, and you lack the hunger to put in the hard yards, it raises serious questions over your character and your potential.

It is sinful that this Arsenal team can play with arrogance. Wenger speaks of maturity and lessons learned. I hear bullshit. These would be the same lessons that the same players have been learning year after year, season after season.

What kind of students are they?

Or is the teacher to blame...

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