Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alan Hansen: C***

Alan Hansen's anti-Arsenal bias really takes the biscuit.

Against Fulham, Michael Essien went in over the ball, with both feet, and was rightly dismissed.

"Is there any intent there?", asked the over-the-hill pundit, missing the point entirely for the 1000th time this season.

As Lee Dixon said, regardless of whether or not Essien wanted to hurt Dempsey, he was reckless and endangered his opponent's safety. I hate to bring THAT incident up again, but Ryan Shawcross probably didn't intend to break Aaron Ramsey in two... does that mean the Stoke blunderbus didn't deserve his dismissal?

Essien's been getting away with tackles like that for years. He has a dangerous habit of stamping down into tackles. At best, it's poor tackling technique; at worst, cowardly.

Hansen defending this showed him to be a misguided fool but soon he proved himself a hypocrite as well as that.

First things first, Fabregas' tackle on Ward was very bad. Initially I thought maybe it was one of those where the attacker dives to try to block a clearance and the defender kicks the attacker's foot. But the replays showed that Fabregas went in hard and nastily. It was a dangerous tackle borne out of frustration and a petulance that often darkens his game. He was lucky to get away with just a yellow.

But Hansen, in condemning Fabregas and absolving Essien, showed up his own double standards and his bias against a team that, no doubt, just aren't "British" enough for the prick.

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Steve said...

Alan Hansen moans about consistency from the officials but completely overlooks Karl Henry's shocker on Arsharvin. As much as Henry is a serial offender Hansen is proving himself to be a serial idiot!