Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Patronising, Moi?

Greatness can breed hubris.

Arsene Wenger is (was?) a great man, a great manager.

He transformed Arsenal FC.

But these days, he often sound arrogant, stubborn, out of touch.

He had the nerve to suggest that the Arsenal fans who are voicing their justifiable frustrations have been manipulated into that position by the media.

What a patronising attitude.

Everybody saw the embarrassing way Wenger's team imploded last season.

Everybody read his promise to mend the team through a summer of action.

Everybody has held their breath through a summer of inaction.

And everybody has seen Arsenal's best player, and one of their better ones, seek a way out.

There is no need for the media to put any spin on that.

People are capable of forming their own opinions.

But Wenger has become so arrogant he no longer respects any opinion but his own.

Even if the opinion is coming from real Arsenal supporters.

His name is Arsene. The club's name is Arsenal. If someone was new to watching football, and saw the way he runs the club, they would be forgiven for thinking that he created the club and named it after himself. He is a dictator and he no longer heeds dissenting voices.

It is not a healthy state of affairs.

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