Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Cliche Corner part 1.

"These things even themselves out over a season"
What a crock of shit. Firstly, it's quite clear that big teams, most obviously Manchester United in the Premiership, do not suffer poor decisions as often as other teams. It's just that they whinge the loudest afterwards, as we saw with Alex Ferguson's childish reaction to the Chelsea defeat.

But even if there was no bias or fear involved in refereeing decisions, why the hell would they even themselves out over a season? People do know the meaning of "random" don't they? Random things do not "even themselves out". There is no grand plan.

It's like people claiming that "everything happens for a reason". If they mean everything happens as a direct consequence of something else, I guess they're right. But if they think every random event is all part of some grand, cosmic plan set out for the benefit of each individual, they need to wake up a bit.

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