Wednesday, February 23, 2011

off-topic rant

Remember when The Simpsons was good?

You'd need a long memory. But it was once. It was very, very, good. Maybe the best thing on TV when I was growing up.

For more than ten years, it's been in terminal decline. It has limped on for so long that it's now been rubbish for longer than it was ever great.

This is a sad state of affairs. Nobody cared enough about the show's legacy to say "enough is enough". This is worse than the wrinkly Rolling Stones or The Who or any of those once-cool bands going on tour just to make money off nostalgia. At least The Who and The Rolling Stones don't inflict new material on us very often.

I can't ignore it. It would be easier if people in general even had the taste to admit that The Simpsons is now a steaming pile of shit, but instead they continue to lavish it with undeserved praise. Even supposed critics lack the critical capacity to judge this. I can't go on the Guardian's website without reading about how Russell Brand is making a guest appearance. You know a programme has fallen to shit when it is relying on a constant flow of smug guest stars in a vain attempt at keeping things fresh.

Ricky Gervais, whose genius has been obliterated by success and celebrity, made one cringe-inducing cameo that I once sat through. You'd think the man behind The Office would recognise the sad decline of The Simpsons but anyone who has seen Gervais's utterly average stand-up routines should know that his greatness has long since faded.

A long parade of big names clamours to be given the opportunity to voice whatever shit character the shit writers have concocted this week. Smug bastards.

The fact that The Simpsons has been allowed to continue in this vegetative state for so long illustrates one thing: people in general are fucking stupid. Two and a Half Men is the most popular comedy in America. George W Bush was twice elected president of America. The CSI's are the most popular TV shows overall in America. The Wire barely found an audience. People are stupid.

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