Monday, October 25, 2010

Re: Imaginary Card Waving

do people constantly complain about imaginary card waving in football?

It is the single most trivial probem that has e'er been stressed over in the history of civilisation.

Sympathy for a Shawcross, spite for a foreigner who waves his hand to signify that, well, maybe the referee should book the clogger that's just scythed somebody down. Criminal stuff.

It strikes me as a TELEVISION problem. We see what goes on on the pitch, but hear none of it. A foreign player may not have the grasp of the English language necessary to suggest politely, THAT'S A FACKING RED CAAAAWWWD REF!!! and so he uses sign language to communicate. Guess what? We can't hear, so we don't know beyond doubt, but we can assume that every footballer tries to influence the referee into making important decisions that favour their team.

Only the mime artists get condemned.

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