Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Story So Far

It would be an exaggeration to say Chelsea have the league sewn up in September, but their impressive form coupled with the stuttering starts of Manchesters United and City has established Ancelotti's team as clear favourites even at this early stage.

United will doubtless improve as the season progresses- they always do- but the concession of stoppage time equalisers in their last two away games betrays a fragility that has never in memory been a United trait. It's particularly unusual to see them lose a two-goal lead- let alone a two-goal lead they carried into stoppage time.

Remember, too, that Chelsea were Champions last season despite the absence for many months of Michael Essien. If Fabregas is, technique-wise, the league's best midfielder, Essien is probably the most effective. If he stays fit this time, Chelsea may well romp home.

I can't take an Arsenal challenge seriously because Wenger has again insulted the supporters with his ridiculous refusal to sign a proper goalkeeper. They have started well but the results are less impressive when you consider that 3 out of the 4 opponents so far have been reduced to 10 men with the scores still close. Injuries are biting already and I'm expecting a familiar collapse at some point this season. Arsenal may well spend chunks of this season, like the last, close to the top, but does anyone truly believe they can win the league? The sad thing is, as has been the case for years, they are not THAT far away. A couple of necessary signings might make all the difference. GROUNDHOG DAY.

Chamakh, while not a natural finisher by any means, is mobile and links the play well. He could blossom into Adebayor circa 07/08, only with a first touch and a better attitude. BUT, he has to stay fit for the next couple of months or we are, AGAIN, strikerless.

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