Sunday, August 22, 2010

Can Anyone Stop The Chelsea Juggernaut?

Twelve goals in the opening two games is surely an unprecedented statistic? (I can't be bothered looking it up).

But West Brom and Wigan was a welcoming one-two to start a new season, especially with Chelsea having endured a torrid pre-season.

And Arsenal fans know only too well that the post-title winning glow of Champions in Autumn can be misleading. In 02/03 and 04/05, Arsenal kicked off with some of the best football they've ever played under Wenger, before finishing 2nd both seasons.

Chelsea already look the team to beat, and if they are beaten it might be as much a result of injuries as of formidable rivals, with United, Arsenal, Spurs and the rest all failing to significantly strengthen so far this summer. When you consider that Michael Essien missed most of last season and Chelsea still won the league, it is hard to see them not retaining their crown, but then if injury were to strike again for him, or Drogba, it would lead to a difficult period for the Blues.

As well as that, they've lost Carvalho, and Terry's fragility was evident in the World Cup. Unlike the Mourinho years, the likeliest way to beat Chelsea now is to try and get at them, because they're far from watertight at the back.

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