Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2010/11: Pessimism

Time to turn attention to the impending season; I will start as I mean to go on... Doom-mongering!!!

It was plainly obvious at the end of last season that things needed to change.

But it was plainly obvious throughout the season before that, too.

I've learned not to expect changes.

I know little about Chamakh and less about the boy at the back whose name I will never be able to spell. The fact their names don't "ring out" tells you all you need to know, really. The team needed experience, Wenger even admitted it. He's allowed Gallas, Campbell and (snigger) Silvestre to leave- experienced players all- and the only signings so far are unknown quantities.

It's not so much that any of the three experienced players should have stayed- Gallas is disruptive, Campbell threatens to be a liability, and Silvestre is... Silvestre, but an already inexperienced squad can hardly afford to lose experience and not replace it?

More important than experience is character. I said last year that most of the players lack it and there's been only sporadic and debatable evidence to the contrary since. Campbell, despite his loss of pace, put a lot of them to shame with his attitude.

The last few transfer windows suggest little reason to expect any great change before September. Total inactivity would be nothing short of a disgrace, with the goalkeeping situation the way it has been for so long. There is also a desperate need for cover for Alex Song, and for at least one more centre back.

Ideally, new players would be experienced, and ready to make a difference.

Ideally, we'd be talking about the trophies we can win in May.

Realistically, we're looking to scrape 4th place again.

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