Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Walcott Myth Exposed, but Some People Just Won't See Sense

Finally, Fabio Capello has seemingly recognised Theo Walcott's inherent rubbishness, and left him out of his final 23 for the World Cup. Aaron Lennon had an outstanding season up to his injury, and certainly deserves a place. His career trajectory offers hope for Walcott. Shaun Wright-Phillips is far from excellent, but still a far better player right now than Walcott is. This is where he stands. He and Arsene Wenger have to take stock. Should he be converted, now, into a striker? Maybe, and maybe I should stop listening to TALKSPORT. On every occasion I tune in (and it's rare), the proliferation of poorly -formed opinions makes my blood boil. And not just from the neanderthal callers, but also from the presenters.

ADRIAN DURHAM: take a bow. You sir, are a moron. Arsene Wenger has, according to shithead, "ruined Theo Walcott" by playing him on the wing. Apparently, this sparkling "English talent" has been denied his rightful place at the game's top table by an evil French overlord whose aim in football, rather than doing what's best for Arsenal, is to hold back British players. I'm telling you, that's the point he was trying to put across. It's amazing the lengths these people go to, in their desperation, to find excuses for England's perceived underachievement. This man, as with many English pundits, is so insecure about his team's chances in the World Cup that he's already getting his excuses in, and what strange excuses he conjures. Lashing out at Wenger over the supposed mismanagement of British talent... What talent? He's lightning quick- ok, there's other sports for that. He scored a few goals in the Championship. And since his move to Arsenal and his graduation for England, he's had short flashes of brilliance, usually MONTHS of MEDIOCRITY apart. The kid is not particularly talented. As a winger, he's mostly looked inept. So, of course, they decide that, "oh, wait, he should have been playing upfront all along. It's his preferred position after all"-because he's small and quick and English and wants to play upfront, he's the next Michael Owen? Give Michael Owen some credit! He had a first touch, he had a brain, he had exceptional finishing ability. Theo Walcott has none of those things, though he SOMETIMES finishes well, and it is plainly ridiculous to assume that if played in a different position he would suddenly become clever and classy. Usually when you have a brainless boy with bags of pace you put him on the wing. Unfortunately, Walcott doesn't have a trick, can't take people on, so that has not worked out. I'm sorry, England. I'm sorry, Adrian Durham, and all the xenophobes who want to blame Arsene Wenger for the fact that England can't produce players. THEO WALCOTT IS SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT.

Maybe he'll be better up front. Maybe not. Since Adrian Durham is suggesting that Theo leave Arsenal and resurrect his career elsewhere, I hope that I get to find out while watching another team. Who'd fucking want him though?

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