Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maybe this could have waited til May but....

.... You know that bit in American History X, when the friendly black school teacher asks Ed Norton, who's just been violated in the most horrendous way in a prison shower, "has anything you've done made your life better?".. And Norton sort of shakes his head and starts to cry, and you really feel for him because you know he knows he's wasted a chunk of his life living by a horribly misguided ideal?

Sometimes I wish there was somebody to confront Wenger with that sort of question. It's probably not the most suitable analogy- Wenger's youth policy is certainly more laudable than Nazism- but I'm gonna run with it. Has anything he's done in the lat few years benefitted Arsenal? Of course, he's had his moments, but overall, he's letting principles rule over pragmatism, profits over glory. He can count the cash all he likes, but when it comes to medals, any fan can count to zero.

And why should we be so chuffed about our record turnover? Seriously? The only investment we seem to see is into inflated wage packets for substandard players. The last couple of major signings have been roaring successes- if he tried that more often, we would, in all probability, win the title. Look at the vulnerability of Man Utd. And the trouble chelsea could be in if not allowed to spend in January.

Instead, it seems, we will suffer another case of "so near, yet so far".

I just can't help seeing and hearing a man who's become obsessed with the future at the expense of the present. When these could be such glorious times.

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